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ZipDirector Planned Release Version 1.3

We will be releasing a new version of ZipDirector, version 1.3,  early next week. We planned on releasing version 1.2.5 with a fix for duplicate city names, but realized that it will require a complete rewrite of certain core parts of the plugin, so we’ve decided to use this opportunity to include some of the [...]

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ZipDirector Version 1.2.4

The latest version of ZipDirector, version 1.2.4, now includes support for a completely new zip with options for City, State Code, Stane Name, Latitude, Longitude, Time Zone and Target Url. This is how it looks in the ZipDirector dashboard.

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ZipDirector – WP Store Locator Bulk Import

We’re happy to announce the inclusion of the Bulk Upload function in all upcoming versions of ZipDirector – WordPress Store Locator. Dashboard :  Remember to add your referral tag before doing the bulk CSV upload, so that the tag can be included with all your links. If you have any questions please use the support [...]

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ZipDirector 1.1.3 Release

ZipDirector 1.1.3 is now available for download. This release takes care of a number of nagging bugs and paves the way for planned new features and upgrades.  Changelog (19/09/2012 / V. 1.1.3): Fixed search not  working with Enter (fixed version 1.1.3) Fixed fatal error with certain plugins (fixed version 1.1.3) Fixed incompatibility with certain themes [...]

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