ZipDirector is built for two kinds of people. One is the blogger and affiliate marketer with location targeted affiliate programs they’re not sure how to earn from. The second is the webmasters with a database full of links to internal or external location targeted products, services or opportunities. What they need to do is connect their users with these links based on their Zip Codes.

That’s what ZipDirector does.

Say What (Sally)

ZipDirector can be used for a wide variety of services, but it’s most frequently used as a store locator, so we’ll use that for the Sally Example :

Say you have a blog discussing heat pumps and Sally, whose pump just broke, stumbles upon your blog looking for advice on ways to fix it. She, like most people, will eventually realize she needs a professional to do the fix for her. Instead of letting her leave your blog and looking for a store or service provider elsewhere you have the ZipDirector Store locator plugin in your sidebar. She enters her zip code, presses go, and ZipDirector takes her to the affiliate page of the nearest repairman. You earn a commission on leads or sales.

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I’m in love with this tool, and super excited to use more of it. Affiliate marketing suddenly looks more like the amazing thing it appears on paper with this powerful little plugin to weave its magic. – Anirudh.Mehta

ZipDirector is a winner all the way, and it is only going to get better! My webpages are infinitely more powerful and useful in terms of their potential as affiliate earning routes with the customizable search box powered by ZipDirector. – HeatpumpReview.net

ZipDirector adds a dash of charisma to your affiliate sales oriented WordPress projects. – OnlineLPNPrograms.com

Why should I have it?

  • ZipDirector is very very easy to setup.
  • It’s zip code targeted, proven to drastically increase conversion rates.
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of your real estate. It’s just like a normal little search bar.
  • It’s set and forget. No constant updating.
  • Use with Any Affiliate Program.
  • Use with your own stores.
  • Bulk import thousands of links.
  • Automatically add your affiliate tag.
  • Get new modules for free as we develop them.

Quick Demo

(You  can enter any US Zip Code.  Eg. 93504 for California and 94111 for just San Francisco).

'Enter Your Zip Code'

More features

Easy Setup

ZipDirector is very easy top setup. Simply find the links you want to use, add it to ZipDirector and place the widget anywhere you like.

Widget Support

Because ZipDirector is a widget, you can place in in any widgetized area. Like sidebar, footer or after post.

Unlimited Site Licence

We understand that most bloggers these days have multiple blogs, that's why you can now use ZipDirector on multiple sites, without any additional charges.

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated team of designers and developers ready for your support requests. If you have a problem, we'll fix it.

ZipDir Panel1

With ZipDirector comes our very first 100% productivity focused plugin panel. We aptly dubbed it Panel1. As developers we prefer to keep things clean, streamlined and simple. No unnecessary extras or shiny bells and whistles. Get it, Understand it, Use it.

Shortcode Support

Place it anywhere on your site and add your own custom styling with the ZipDirector "zipjump" shortcode.

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